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Remission society and mourning my fantasy future

Past Dinosaur Fantasy Future Prehistoric

I apologies to those who read all my blogs, as I am cross posting this. I’d love to hear answers from the various readers of my different blogs. I want to connect two ideas: the idea of remission society as described by Arthur Frank (1995), and the concept of the fantasy future that I learned while… Read More »

Overwhelmed with a huge sense of denial


As part of my PhD research, I’m reading through this blog. It is an interesting experience. I wrote the blog, but I haven’t really read it. And I certainly haven’t read through multiple months at a time, from the beginning tracing through my journey – reflecting on what I wrote versus what I now remember… Read More »

Friday is mental health day

In my ‘new normal’, I here by declare that all Fridays will be mental health days. For me, this means that I will prioritize things that improve my mental health on Fridays. I will avoid doctors appointments and treatment appointments that are not directly related to improving my mental health. Just as I make exercise… Read More »

So today I graduated

I’m not yet sure how I feel about it, but today’s appointment with my oncologist was kind of weird. He did examine me and validated that it is “just a stitch“. I have no outward signs of breast cancer, and as such, this means I officially remain in remission or NED (no evidence of disease). So, today my… Read More »

From survivor to thriver – I’m not there yet

Yesterday, I gave a talk relating to my upcoming free online course – Should I blog? In it, I introduced myself as a breast cancer survivor/warrior. One of the participants challenged that language – preferring the use of the term ‘thriver’ rather than ‘survivor’. In deciding how to introduce myself, I was fully aware of the… Read More »

Yesterday was a turning point

Yesterday was a turning point in my journey towards wellness. I pushed outside of my current comfort zone and drove up to Berkeley to attend an academic conference. It was located at the conference center, which inside was rather dreary, but had a tulip tree in bloom in the sunny outdoor quad (thought I’d taken… Read More »

To tattoo or not to tattoo …

I never thought I’d be asking myself that question. I did a nipple sparing breast reconstruction, so I have all my own skin – and mostly the breast skin – but my areola’s have faded. Since they didn’t have a lot of colour to begin with, fading means that they are barely there. So, now I… Read More »

Reflecting on winter and self examinations

I am watching wantingly as many of my Canadian friends share their photos of cross country skiing. February and March are the best months for it – the temperatures usually warm up a little in late February, and there is ample snow to keep the trails fresh. As I see the photos, I can smell… Read More »

It’s just a stitch

“It’s just a stitch” – That is officially my new saying. When I was first diagnosed, we could often be heard saying “It is what it is” – I reflected philosophically about it in this post: Now, I have banned the expression “It is what it is” … unless you are telling me I have cancer… Read More »