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Thematic Data analysis

One thought that I had with the data analysis is to take all the text of my blog and do a word count analysis – that is, plug it into a program that counts the number of times a particular word occurs. Then, taking that perhaps looking at it monthly, but then also by groups… Read More »

This blog – Living

I have been debating what to do with this blog. I generally write my academic stuff at and my cancer reflections at I had originally envisioned this blog as being my research data collection, but it isn’t really going to work that way. I will use it to write some reflections on the… Read More »

Getting things setup

Here is a list of what I did today: Choosing a domain name. Actually I chose the domain name a while ago, and validated that it was available. I wanted to leave setup until I was ready to start populating the website with content. I don’t have a lot of content, but my ethics form… Read More »