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A surgeon who understands

Based upon a couple stories from my dissertation, I wrote this piece for In-House magazine – an e-magazine for medical residents and fellows. All articles are open peer reviewed. If you like the article, please leave a comment on the In-House page. A surgeon who understands – a-surgeon-who-understands-960

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

I had an opportunity to be interviewed for a Podcast by Teaching in Higher Ed. The session focused on my research on breast cancer blogging. I thought they did an excellent job with the production, and I’m quite proud of the interview. You can view it here:  

Blogging as Health Literacy – A Survivor’s Story #healthhum2017

Hogue, R. J. (April 10, 2017) [Conference Presentation]. Blogging as Health Literacy – A Survivor’s Story. Health Humanities Consortium, Houston, TX. Abstract: When someone is diagnosed with cancer one of the most common pieces of advice from health professionals is “do not use the internet”. However, it is inevitable that many patients return home and… Read More »