Developing Coping mechanisms

Throughout the blog, I articulated the different ways in which I coped with the diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. I applied this code to blog posts where I describe the different ways in which I cope with the disease and the treatment. The theme Developing coping mechanisms was found in 162/237 (68.4%) of the blog posts. Further the distribution of number of days per week that I wrote one or more posts that were coded as Developing Coping Mechanisms, Figure 2, shows that from the very beginning I blogged about coping mechanisms. This is not unexpected, as the blog itself was coping mechanism. There are dips that align with the number of blog posts per week, and are directly related to weeks where I wrote less posts overall.

Figure 2: Number of days per week that a post was written that has been categorized as Developing coping mechanisms.

Other themes that intersected with coping mechanisms include Learning about the disease, specifically sub-themes information sources and treatments, and Advocating, specifically sub-themes self-advocacy and breast cancer education. In the following sections I describe sub-themes that represent some of the coping mechanisms that I discussed in my blog during the phase of treatment in this study including: (1) blogging (expressing emotions), (2) exercise, (3) permission (4) community, (5) caregiver support and asking for help, (6) intentional fun, and (7) planning. Further, Figure 3 shows the sub-themes as a mind map. The interactive version of the image is available at

The list of posts that have been categorized as Developing Coping Mechanisms:

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