The initial texts of this study are my detailed blog posts found at Each of the posts tells a story of my interpretation of what I was experiencing at the time the events occurred. In the rewriting (retelling) of the stories, I am reliving the experience with the benefit of hindsight, as Ellis (2004) reminds us “all autoethnography happens after experience” (p.116).  As I construct the research narrative, I have the benefit of knowing which details, that may have seemed unimportant at the time of writing, are important to the future storyline, as Ellis highlights “one has to find the story in the experience, and not every experience is a story” (Ellis, 2004, p.107). In addition, there are some aspects of my story that are only in my memory of events, and not documented within the blog itself. The rewriting of my story involved a layer of filtering as “every story is partial and situated” (Ellis, 2004, p. 116), removing details that are not relevant to the overarching storyline, and adding in of parts that were left out originally, but that I now know are important to include.

The new stories are listed below: