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Mental health, #bellletstalk, and pink ribbon campaigns

Yesterday was #bellletstalk day – for those who are not in Canada, it is a day that the major telephone provider encourages people to talk about mental health, and donates money (e.g. 5 cents per tweet or text) to mental health charities. It has been criticized here by Torquil Campbell as purely a marketing stunt… Read More »

Cancer language and the war metaphor

As much as I hate war … I must admit that the war metaphor for cancer is working for me right now. There are many bloggers who talk about what is wrong with the war metaphor (fighting cancer, cancer as a battle, etc) – and in particular how that metaphor is problematic when someone doesn’t… Read More »

Celebrating my boob job and cancer language

Several women in the breast cancer blogosphere have commented on how inappropriate it is to say to someone with breast cancer that “at least you get a free boob job” or any variant thereof (see Reconstruction after breast cancer: It’s not a boob job). I agree. If you have never had breast cancer, you really… Read More »


Upon leaving the hospital, we were worried about how we would manage at home. It seemed that everyone I talked to, and everywhere we looked on the internet people professed at the need for an electric recliner – for both lounging but also for sleeping. We were so convinced that we tried to rent one,… Read More »

Hoping I have rabbit cancer …

I follow Katie Ford Hall’s blog. In a post titled Birds and Rabbits she summarizes a portion an article by Christie Aschwanden on the Case Against Early Detection – where Cancer is categorized into four types. I’ll quote Katie here: Here’s where she gets brilliant.  She describes four types of cancer: The Turtle – a cancer so slow-growing that… Read More »

Alcohol and Breast Cancer

In the early days of Pink’tober a fellow blogger ranted about a restaurant who wanted to advertise on her blog. Her objection was that the restaurant was offering a drink special, and that alcohol was a risk factor for breast cancer – so how dare they advertise a drink discount in association with breast cancer.… Read More »

Reclaiming pink …

An acquaintance with metastatic disease is having a personal fundraiser and in her invitation she talked about ‘reclaiming pink’. This reminded me very much about the work we do as Unitarian Universalists of reclaiming religious language – a message that resonated very strongly with me and allows me to call my local congregation a “church” even… Read More »