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Last night I allowed myself to go down an emotional spiral into an all out meltdown. I was already feeling a little sad and then took an MJ pill, and started reading the book Wild. The first several chapters of the book go through the authors feelings as she supports her mother’s sudden death from Lung… Read More »

Post Chemo day 3

Today was a mixed day. It began badly – actually it was more that last night ended badly. I was feeling pain in a way that I had never felt before. It is difficult to describe. They sometimes call it bone pain, but I would not call it that at all. It was like all… Read More »

The pill app and post chemo day 2

So being the mobile geek that I am, I figured there had to be an app that would be useful for tracking when I am taking various medication as they all have very different durations, and when you add in all the non-prescription medications and chemo brain, it becomes impossible to track in ones head.… Read More »

The pains with the American system

Having decent insurance has made most of the process of cancer treatment go smoothly. You’d have thought with a week of advance notice, it would all be figured out … but not so much. The chemo went well today – well seems like an odd word to use w.r.t chemo – it went, I’m feeling… Read More »