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The end of active treatment …

Emotions flood over me in waves. Whenever I think about it, I cannot stop crying. It has been a roller coaster of a journey, and it is now officially over! What do I mean? As of Dec 17th, I’m cancer free. The double mastectomy removed the last bits of cancer from my breasts. The pathology… Read More »

The conversation project – and some end-of-life thoughts #medx

One of the bits of recommended “reading” in the Patient Engagement Design MOOC I’m taking is about The Conversation Project. The video talks about the importance of having conversations about what you want your end-of-life to look like. So that when your care givers are facing decisions, they know what you really want. I’m not sure… Read More »

Reflections on the last few days …

“But I’m happy to be alive”. I read this a lot in breast cancer social media streams. The sense that people are going through all these invasive treatments, and that the treatments are saving them. They live through adversity and are happy to be alive at no matter what additional pains and discomforts are thrown in… Read More »