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Denial can be a very powerful ally at times like these!

I shall be undergoing major surgery in less than 48-hours. Just before support group on Saturday, it occurred to me that the whole idea of surgery has become normalized for me. Within the breast cancer community, we often talk about surgery as if it were a ‘normal’ occurrence. After being immersed into the community for… Read More »

A photo shoot and getting ready for surgery

Never in my life did I even imagine that I would be naked in a home photo studio in Berkeley California (well, maybe not actually Berkeley, rather Albany, which felt a lot like Berkeley) … anyways, it isn’t something I ever thought that I would do, and yet I did it. Cancer has certainly meant… Read More »

BCC Connections Annual Conference

Yesterday I attended my first breast cancer conference – hosted by  Bay Area Cancer Connections. They had several really good speakers. I tweeted the sessions I attended (Storify embedded below). First I should begin by saying it was a good conference. I learned a few things, the venue was great, the food was great, and… Read More »

Social media and patient engagement – #medx

Recently, I noticed a transition in my face-to-face support group – in that I’ve transition from the newbie going through treatment to the experienced breast cancer patient who can answer various questions about chemotherapy. A friend sent me a book (which I recommend ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips‘), which has some great advice for those with… Read More »

Not talking = not blogging

I’m amused that over the last few days it has been extremely difficult for me to talk, and somehow that has resulted in me not blogging. I find myself wondering if it is because I cannot even talk to myself! But then, I usually write in my head. Truthfully, it is probably because I haven’t… Read More »

My improved body image

I find it interesting that ever since my diagnosis, I have found that I have an improved body image. Sure I am carrying a few more pounds than I would like, but I am proud of the way my body looks. I rocked the buzz cut! Now with my hair patchy and falling out, I… Read More »

Cumulative effects

Yesterday, I was reminded of the cumulative effects of chemotherapy. I was remembering day four from last cycle, and thought that I would just bounce back after day three – unfortunately, the bouncing back didn’t happened quite as much as I’d hoped. I actually ended up overdoing it a bit yesterday (oops). I now have on… Read More »