Posting Guidelines

All non-anonymous research participants will be directed to the informed consent page prior to their comments being approved.

All comments will be held for moderation. The researcher will screen comments to ensure there are no unintentional personal disclosures. Participants are welcome to post comments anonymously, using an alias, or using their real name. When they post a comment, the name used in the comment will be the name used in research reports, and will be the name that appears on the public website.

Participants are asked to not mention by name anyone other than themselves. For example, mention of specific doctors names, or mention of the names of patients who are not the participant are not permitted. Please use an alias or generic term. For example rather than saying Dr. Bob, say my plastic surgeon, or my oncologist.

If you do not wish your comment to appear publicly on the internet, please use the survey link rather than the comment link to enter your comment. All survey comments will be anonymous, and may be used in the research reports, but will not appear publicly as a comment on the research website.