Research Notifications

Research participants and anyone interested in following the research data collection can chose to be notified of new posts using one of the following mechanisms. Signing up for notifications is not an indication that the person is a participant in the data collection. It is only used as a way to inform anyone interested that a new data collection post has been made to the site.

  • Data collection menu – all data collection posts will be displayed on the data collection menu.
  • Email notifications – Email notifications will be hosted by MailChimp. An email will be sent to anyone who has signed up for notifications whenever a new data collection post is made. This list will not indicated non-data collection posts (e.g. new literature review posts will not sent notifications).
  • Facebook page – all posts to this website will be posted to the Living Pathography Facebook page. Anyone interested in following using this method can “like” the Facebook Page.
  • Twitter – all posts to this website will be posted to Rebecca’s personal twitter account (@rjhogue).

All notifications mechanisms require the person to opted in. When a participants signs up for the study they will be encouraged to sue one or more of the mechanisms above to ensure notification of the latest posts.