Blogging as Health Literacy – A Survivor’s Story #healthhum2017

By | March 12, 2017

Hogue, R. J. (April 10, 2017) [Conference Presentation]. Blogging as Health Literacy – A Survivor’s Story. Health Humanities Consortium, Houston, TX.


When someone is diagnosed with cancer one of the most common pieces of advice from health professionals is “do not use the internet”. However, it is inevitable that many patients return home and immediate turn to Dr. Google. Patients often turn to social media networks (e.g. Facebook groups) seeking support and information from other patients. Research has been done on this phenomena, however, the analysis is superficial and limiting as it is missing an insider perspective. This study uses the art of autoethnographic storytelling to demonstrate how the researcher, a cancer patient and blogger herself, came to develop digital health literacy and digital health citizenship through interactions within the breast cancer blogosphere. It is hoped that one day the discourse will change, and patients will be directed to useful digital health resources upon diagnosis.

Link to presentation: Health Humanities Conference – Blogging as Health Literacy – A Survivor’s Story (pdf)

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