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Driving and a glass of wine

Today marks a transition. I’ve been off the narcotic pain meds for over 24 hours, and I’m not feeling any sense of apprehension about movement in my upper body. As far as the plastic surgeon is concerned, my breast flaps have healed (the skin/scars need work, but the flaps themselves are fine). With full motion… Read More »

A photo shoot and getting ready for surgery

Never in my life did I even imagine that I would be naked in a home photo studio in Berkeley California (well, maybe not actually Berkeley, rather Albany, which felt a lot like Berkeley) … anyways, it isn’t something I ever thought that I would do, and yet I did it. Cancer has certainly meant… Read More »

Familiar fatigue

This morning I found myself struggling to get moving – then it occurred to me, I’m feeling fatigued. I haven’t felt this type of fatigue since AC chemo. I’m encouraged by the fatigue. During AC chemo, I was able to combat the worst of the fatigue with exercise. The challenge I have now is exercising… Read More »

Oh where has my mind gone?

In one moment, I feel like I’m thinking clearly. I’m reading and reflecting. I feel connected. In the next moment, I realize just how unconnected my mind is. This chemo brain is infuriating! I ventured out today – unable to drive because of the cognitive dissonance that is getting worse with each dose of taxel… Read More »

The generosity of strangers …

As many of you know, I’m an avid cyclist. Cycling has been one of the things that kept me sane though AC chemo. It is also one of the things I’ve struggled with on Taxol. One of the unfortunately side effects of Taxol is cognitive disassociation – where my brain cannot process visual queues as… Read More »

Permission …

On Friday, I gave myself permission to stop working while I’m on Taxol. I have been trying to sneak in small amounts of contract work, but I just haven’t been able to get anything done. I’ve had the same task on my to do list week after week. It isn’t a big task, nor a… Read More »

Today’s side-effect – cognitive numbness

I was fine this morning. I woke up feeling pretty good, but have since experienced a cognitive decline. I did get out to run a few errands, which involved driving. I was fine when I first set out, but not doing too well by the time I got home about 90-minutes later. After my bike… Read More »