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Learning to behave like an American …

I’m learning a little to be an American within the healthcare system. Today, I asked for a supervisor. You see, I had an appointment. The online system showed my appointment as 9:15. I was told to arrive 30-minutes prior to my appointment (which is a bit excessive). I arrive 25-minute prior to my appointment (8:50).… Read More »

Learned Helplessness and Patient Engagement #medx

My oncologist has a new nurse, and boy to I miss the previous nurse. You see, the new nurse doesn’t answer my emails in a timely fashion (they aren’t really emails, they are electronic messages through the secure myHealth system). The original nurse checked at least twice a day, such that I often had a… Read More »

Reclaiming pink …

An acquaintance with metastatic disease is having a personal fundraiser and in her invitation she talked about ‘reclaiming pink’. This reminded me very much about the work we do as Unitarian Universalists of reclaiming religious language – a message that resonated very strongly with me and allows me to call my local congregation a “church” even… Read More »

Not your stereotypical surgeons

Surgeons get a bad rap for being insensitive and un-empathetic. From the outside, they are seen as the engineers of medicine – socially awkward, mechanical in their interactions, and having no time for patient engagement. This has totally NOT been my experience. I’ve see a couple of breast surgeons, a couple for breast surgeon fellows, a… Read More »

How do I be an ‘engaged patient’ in a hospital gown? #medx

Since my diagnosis with breast cancer, I’ve seen many different specialists (breast surgeon, medical oncologist, chemo dermatologist, plastic surgeon). My doctors appointments have gone something like this. Medical assistant takes my vitals Medical assistant directs me to remove clothing (usually waist up) and put on a gown (opening in front) I wait for the doctor.… Read More »

Breast reconstruction (academic analysis)

In preparation for my consult with plastic surgery this week, I’ve been doing some reading on patient satisfaction after breast reconstruction. I began by asking the medical information officers at Bay Area Cancer Connections for a link to a few articles. From there, the academic in me took over, and I search and read a… Read More »

When I don’t blog … and an update

When I don’t blog, please don’t worry. Take a look at rjh.goingeast.ca to see if I’m blogging over there (I have been writing about patient engagement more generically on my academic blog). I am touched that so many people are reading my blog – and that they worry when I don’t write. Writing everyday is… Read More »

Moving forward

I now have a surgery date – December 17th. It isn’t exactly the date I wanted, but it is something that I can work with. With that in place, I can now start to move forward with my life. Over the last week I have started to move beyond my diagnosis. My life is becoming… Read More »

So a little more detail …

My post this morning was a little rushed, so I missed a few interesting details. The big question for everyone was why is this happening on my hands and not anywhere else. Most people who have this complication see it on hands and feet or hands/feet/mouth. Several doctors were looking for other locations for the… Read More »